Studying for The CTP

January 20, 2019.

Currently listening to… I can’t wait by Sleepy Brown & OutKast.

I’ve decided to substitute an entry from my personal journal and share it here. As optimistic as I normally am about everything that I do, I’ve been very nervous about my CTP Exam which is scheduled for Saturday, January 26th. I can honestly say that I’ve put in more studying time than I did last year so I feel a bit closer to my goal, but not quite at the finish line. I haven’t been able to focus on “Money by Mel” because honestly, passing this exam comes first. What’s gratifying is knowing that every time I review this material, I’m becoming sharper by the day. I’m taking this mini break to remind myself that I can do anything. Whether I pass or fail next Saturday, I need to keep my eyes on the prize, stay focused on what’s important, and try again.

This is me reassuring myself, that I will earn the title of becoming a “Certified Treasury Professional” this year. I will see “CTP” behind Melanie Simmons in 2019.

I’m back off to studying.